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Strategically located in Industrial Park Zárate; which is an area near Paraná de las Palmas River, at 5,4 km. of Route N°9 (Panamericana) a two way route, with a detour in the intersection with the road to the park. It is a part of the industrial flow which goes from La Plata City to the South upto Rosario to the North. This same road includes Capital Federal and Gran Buenos Aires.

At South at 12 km, there is the Route N° 6 which joins with La Plata City, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca and all the South without entering in Capital Federal, and to the West it has a connection with Mendoza Province and all the Cuyo Argentine Region and República de Chile.


​It is a hot point for entering Mesopotamia through Zárate Brazo Largo International Bridge and allows communication between the Argentine Litoral (Corrientes, Entre Rios & Misiones provinces) with Uruguay, Brasil  and Paraguay. (Mercosur Route).


  • Three Units of  8000 m2 covered and one Unit half covered of 1800 m2

  • Operation Forecourt of 5000 m2

  • Forecourt for International Transport

  • Forecourt for Transport wating

  • Fiscal Scale

  • A.N.A and SENASA Offices (inside the fiscal area)

  • Clients Office

  • Service installations for carriers.

  • Administrative Offices

  • Security 24 x 7

  • CCTV (TV closed circuit) with 24 x 7 monitoring

  • Hyster 2015 Container

  • RUCA Authorization

  • Import wide sector

  • Custom authorized Scanner

  • ISO 9001/2015 CERTIFICATES

  • Fit to export to EU


  • Big bags in CNT 20” & 40”

  • Imports and exports on international truck

  • Scale with VGM

  • Consolidated in bulk in CNT 20” & 40”

  • Bagging Service in our National Deposit

  • Labeled

  • Land Logistic

  • Containers conditioning

  • Containers fumigation

  • Cargo Supervision Service

  • A.T.A

  • Custom handling

  • Project for Cargo

  • Comprehensive cargo coordination

Tax & Custom Advantages

It has a tax regime that allows the goods to be imported without paying any right or fee until arriving to its destination.

To be in syntony with the goal of  developing a more competitive foreign trade that empowers the country economy growth, private fiscal deposits focus in being  foreseeable and a cost reduction. They are able to offer this features to import and export operations.

Controlled costs, competence between service offerers, security, flexibility and immediate answer to unexpected events are all key virtues and qualities at the time of design of foreign trade operations. Nowadays, where competence is key to develop in markets with success, the role of Private Fiscal Deposits is more relevant than ever.

Concrete Benefits

In imports operations, a Fiscal Deposit allows to take containers with advantages related to costs and from that moment also positioning,verification, weight, retirement and arrive to plant costs that turn to be more economic.

To operate with a fiscal deposit also reduces the use of the firm´s own administrative resources because once the documentation is given to the chosen operator, this operator has to arrange the coordination, take off the container and to put it at disposition in a safe place. The user can freely choose to dispatch the container and take it to his plant to deconsolidate it, or perform a destination to deposit that allows him to deconsolitade after repacking and to fraction it as many times it is needed or to take all the cargo already deconsolitaded  or parcially deconsolitaded.

Private Fiscal Deposits have wide benefits to operate, they were all thougth in order to improve logistic and to align it with the rythm of business. It can be decided how and when to receive the cargo, to pay the rights and to perform the customs clearance without permitting that the delay impacts in the economy of the firm.