Fracción Portuaria en Fighiera - Pcia de Santa Fe


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Port Fraction in General Lagos

Santa Fe Province


  • 51 Hectares over Paraná River in Km 398 of Paraguay - Paraná Waterway. At 25 km from Rosario

  • The location in between the properties of Dreyfus and Teoepfer

  • The draught is 31 feet.

  • Exit to RP 21 at 300 meters.

  • The main area has 32.900 m2, the rest of the area is cultivable

  • Coordinates : 33º 06´57.38"S - 60º 31´11.77" O

  • Total Area: 515077 m2

  • Front of the Land: 314 m 

  • Land: 1372.60 m

  • Land Area: 515077 m2

Counts with Authorized Blueprints.