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Port Fraction in Rosario City - Santa Fe Province

LOCATION: Paraná River Bank, Km 414, right edge.

AREA: 6 hectares at South from Rosario Port.


  • 350 m of border line with the railroads at the West side of the premises.

  • 180 m from the river line at the East side of the premises.

  • Depth along is 34 feet, which allows the circulation of 46.600 tons ships.

  • Company has achieved administration and managing of this platform until 2032. It counts with an infrastructure designed and equipped to manage, store and preserve goods in general.


From 1994, Rosario Port has been managed by the Administrative Entity for Rosario Port (ENAPRO for the acronym of its name in Spanish) a public company supervised by the provincial government. The government ensures that concessions are appropriate for private companies.

Rosario Port is an internal port and a main center for good shipment in Argentina. It is located in Rosario City, Santa Fe Province, on the right coast (West) of Paraná River about 550 km up river on Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the main ports of the world.

Santa Fe Province counts with 800 km of coast over the Paraná River. Rosario Port about 300 km at North of Buenos Aires. It is located in a long and narrow path, which is approximately 70 km long. It also holds more than 20 private ports in an area known as Great Rosario Port Consortium. The area has near 75 % of grain export from Argentina.

At this point of the course of Paraná River (Km 420) it is located the depth transition between open sea and rivers navigation. The Paraná River has an approximate wide of 600 m at Km 418 and it goes to a 2.000 m wide downstream.

The strategic location of the new platform allows an easy access to production installations and distribution routes. It places a new logistic unit as the best choice in business terminals.  It is placed between sectors 1 and 2 as the map shows.

It has a privileged geographical position, as a part of the Bioceanic Corridor that unites the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans via Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba, and Cuyo Region and  Valparaíso in Chile, which goes North-South as an axis in Paraguay Waterway.

The main river channel, which is right in front of the port, has a beneficial configuration that permits to maintain a 34 feet draught with a minor periodical dredging. It is a sailing  downstream suitable for Panamax ships type.