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The firm has worked with agribusiness producer since 1890.

It has a 14.630 m2 land who has a front over a paved avenue.

It is located in a city in the Center-West zone in Buenos Aires Province , at 270 km from Buenos Aires City and 200 km from Rosario city, it distributes its products to all country.

It has an important fleet of seed bulk carrier and tolva trucks in order to give their clients a better service.

The firm has a severe control on raw material. It is one of the few plants in Argentina that has a Feed Spander Sprout Matador, that is a leader in European Market.


Installations are located in a field of approximately 3 ha, with a ware house and sheds (for example 30 m x 15 m that can be widen with another one which is near and measures 14 m x 6 m, among others), offices, plants of balanced diet and extruded, a plant of deactivated beans with silos for 13.400 tn of capacity (without counting the collection of raw material used to fabricate our products), a drier for cereal, two hydraulic, three unloading racks, tanks for oil with the correspondent pump, a trail detour toward the re-charge.


A 150 m covered offices building , with attention to clients, a Directory Saloon, bathrooms and dependences.


Also, the firm counts with a technical area that can assess regarding at feed the animals can be better adapted. That area counts with a lab for feed analysis and services to make it exploitation more profitable.


The FEED-EXPANDER system produces a thermal treatment for the feeds raw material. It allows national market to offer a process with a unique process that carries the following benefits:

  • Increment of digestibility

  • Increment of the percent of Bypass protein

  • Deactivation of anti-nutritional factors

  • Stabilization of vegetable fat and its protection in rumen

  • Increase in the energy availability in feed

  • Elimination of pathogen agents

  • Increase in palatability and stability


Bovines for Milk: The high production of milk cows nowadays require feed with a high percentage of high quality concentrated.

Starter Calf: Full feed formulated to be used in artificial breed of calf up to re-breeding phase. This feed has as an objective to help the fast adaptation of animals to a solid diet and to produce a good growth since an early age.

Breeding Cow: Complete feed formulated to satisfy the dieto of a milk cow in the last month of gestation. It counts with an adequate mineral balance and the correct levels of proteins, energy and vitamins.

Milk Cow: Complete feed to supplement the diet of cows that are in the lactation process.


Bovines for Meat: There are three important factors in the production of bovines for meat: Age of the animal, race and individuality. There is another important factor related with fattening and feeding technique.


Pigs: Due to the intensification of porcine exploitation, whether it be in the field or in confinement, great advances has been made in genetic, sanity, installations and handle. That is why aliments must be each time of a better quality in order to accompany that intensification.


Starter piglet: A full feed to be used in the piglet first phase, where requirements for quality and nutrients are very important to get over the stress of weaning off the mother and have a good profit.


Developing pigs: Complete feed to be used in re-breeding or development stages. what it is searched is to take advantage of the growing speed and conversion power that the pig provides in this stage and the disposition of a lean tissue.


Final Stage for Pigs: Complete feed specially formulated for the feed or final phase. Formulated with a big amount of proteins and amino acids in a fair proportion to produce a pig.


Consumer market for the derived of this exploitation is every time more demanding regarding products quality and for them it is necessary a good diet in birds whether they be for meat of for eggs.

Grill Starter: Complete feed to be used in artificial breed of BB chicken up to the fattening and final phase. This feed has a goal to favor the fast adaptation of birds to their next period of development.

Grill Final: This feed is used in the last phase of the poultry production line, where thanks to high values in protein, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates and minerals chicken accomplish their highest development.

Battery Chicken: Feed for battery chicken destined to egg production. This chicken need a feed very rich in nutrients. Those feeds include protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals that battery chicken need in their diet to achieve a better state of health and development, as well as for their growth, reproduction, quality of the eggshell, egg production, etc.



Proteic concentrated, with vitamins and minerals developed to balance the diet of calf, live bullocks up to slaughter and fattening with a diet high in grains. This product balance the requirements of the diets in base of whole corn, with no types of fiber on it The product is presented in pellets.


  • Proteína Bruta 44 %

  • Ceniza 29 %

  • Calcio 4 %

  • Cloro 2,8 %

  • Sodio 1,88 %

  • Manganeso 580 %

  • Zink 450 ppm

  • Cobre 120 ppm

  • Selenio 2,9 ppm

  • Monensina 307 ppm

T.D.N. 52 %


Product obtained from clean soybean, thermally conditioned at temperatures near 140° - 142° C.

Ureasic Activity Index: Minim 0.05, maxim 0.20, controllable and adjustable in the mentioned rank.

The implemented thermal treatment has a first phase of dry eat and then it passes to a vapor phase during 20 minutes, accomplish an optimal deactivation.

The production capacity of the Deactivated Plant is 10 TN/hour. It counts with an automatic PLC system where the operator registers all steps to follow, in a PC that has been installed for this operation. Also all raw material that enters to the plant is analyzed in our lab.