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56, San Luis Street, General Deheza Department, Cordoba Province.

The plant is located just a few meters away from General Deheza Oil Maker and from dozens of producers of compressed soybean flour. As it is surrounded by a corn production zone, it allows the firm to count with an excellent supplying cost for raw materials.

It is located at 1500 meters of Route 158 which joins Rio Cuarto with Villa Maria with an excellent access to Rosario-Cordoba Highway and National Route N° 8.

General Deheza is an industrial city with very good technical services which allows the provision of supplies and a qualified workforce for maintenance tasks and to hire staff.

  • Area: 14.000 M2

  • Offices 130 M2

  • Covered Area: 3,150 M2

  • 4 Inter-Communicated Naves.

  • Raw Material + Production + Packaging + Deposit


​The flexibility of the plant allows it to produce a complete portfolio that goes from the most generic and economic products to the most expensive specialties.

  • Covered download of raw material in bulk 100 M2.

  • Grains download capacity 30 Ton/hour.

  • Storage Capacity: 1.100 Ton

  • Covered Zone to upload finished product 210 M2.

  • The plant has a production capacity of approximately

  • 1.800 Ton/month for finished products, depending of the production program adopted.


The line is formed by the raw material storage area, followed by a mixing and an additive dosage station; then a primary and secondary grinding, the section of the extruder, an equip for flavor , an oven for drying and cooling, intermediate storage and packaging.

  • A deposit for finished product, with racks for 800 positions

  • A weighing scale for trucks of 20 meters up to 60 tons.

  • Section of services with heater and compressor + Complete

  • Laboratory.

  • Natural Gas +

  • Electrical Power Supply +

  • Own Drilling for water.


The main piece of equipment of a manufacturing plant of pet food is its extruder. The local design and building facilitates the times for maintenance as well as reduces its cost.

The extruder machine is the type of wet extruder with vapor injection, with a real capacity of 3500 kg/hour. The additive adding is made by dozer screws and the two stations of grinding are performed in hammer grinders.

The drying oven is the type of belts with injections of air heated by a natural gas burner, with two belts for drying and one for cooling.


The plant was rented and operated between years 2002-2012 for the firm Alican S.A., producer of the brands Sieger, Gooster, Maxxium and others. Specialized in high quality products for veterinaries and breeders, during its management it certified the plant with ISO 9001 Rules.

From year 2013 to the date it has been rented to the firm Grupo Pilar S.A., leader in the Pet Food national market, with plants in the localities of Pilar, Córdoba and Pilar, Buenos Aires.