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Located in Uruguay Department, Genasito District, Aldea Santa Anita Municipality

The 5.5827 Hectares are located over a paved road of 800 m wich gives access to the Municipality.



The building has 5800 m2 destined to the main activity, it also counts with a main house and a house for the person in charge.

  • 5 sheds for the fattening of chickens for the grill, authorized by SENASA, conformed by:

  • 3 sheds made of wood, approximately 30 years old.

  • Capacity for 25.000 chickens.

  • Roof made of zinc and wood base. It includes watering troughs nipples type, troughs, watering, fans, single-phase watering pumps, fume hood, curtains and roofs.

  • 1 shed with iron structure, built in 2011 with fan system by tunnel, watering automatic control and water dispensers with nipples type supplied by Avige firm, with capacity for 16.500 chickens and fume hoods. Three-phase roof of zink and concrete base.

  • 1 shed with iron structure, built in 2013 with fan system by ventilators, watering, automatic feeders and water dispenser, with capacity for 19.800 chickens and fume hoods. Three-phase roof of zink and concrete base.

  •  1 water well with as single-phase water resistant pump, with a triple-decker tank for 3.000 liters of water.

  • 1 water well with as triple-decker water resistant pump, with a triple-decker tank for 6.000 liters of water.

  • 1 shed 5x7 m built with zink and paved floor for tools.

  • Wiring in 250 m with 6 new threads.

  • 2 tanks of bottled gas.

The building is functionally integrated in all its areas and its general conditions of use and purpose are appropriated.

 The capacity of the building is 62.000 chickens for the grill.