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The property is located in Junín Department, Los Barriales District, Mendoza Province. It is a department which counts with a total of 37.800 inhabitants. Los Barriales District is embedded in the center-north of Mendoza Province, at 50 Km. at East of the provincial capital. A total of 15.300 cultivated hectares receive the benefit of irrigation.

The economic base of Junín is agrarian. The department has a 69,4 % of its area cultivated. The area is covered by vast vineyards, fruit plantations and olives. Wine cultivation is the main wealth of Junín. It has approximately 1.700 vineyards which represents a 10 % of the total of Mendoza´s vineyards. To vineyards preponderance, follows the olive-growing.


The district Los Barriales is located at North of Junín Department, at approximately 5 km of East Access (Highway) and at 50 km of the provincial capital. It counts with an area of approximately 33 Km² which is urbanized and counts with wiring, telephone and tap water, all of them in a good state of conservation.


The property counts with an area of approximately 24 has. The main property is an Industrial Plant and counts with auxiliary constructions and non productive buildings. It is located in  Los Barriales District, in Junín, Mendoza Province.

The area has 11 has, at 3 Km of the industrial plant, land has actually no use. It future use is being contemplated as an effluent spill field for the effluents coming from the industrial plant.

  • It has a covered area of 4.421 m2.

  • It has a tanks lot of 19.847 m2

  • Floors are covered with sanitary ceramics, exception made of a zone dedicated to deposit, where the floor is only polished concrete.

  • The wiring has been made based on an isolated copper conductor, under the exterior tube.

  • Protection boards with different circuits, thermo-magnetic keys and differentials.

  • Lightning by mercury focus and luminaries with fluorescent tubes.


The land which belongs to the industrial plant has telephone, gas and low tension wiring (380/220V) services. It has no tap water or sewer services.

The plant is composed by 6 edifications and other secondary constructions are added. With descriptive purposes it has been divided in two groups:

  • Productive Zone

  • Non Productive Zone


The following detail belongs to the 6 modules of industrial shelters:

  • Industrial Plant with a reinforced concrete structure. Seismic retrofit construction.

  • Covered with a corrugated zinc plate over the metallic structure with downspouts  between the different modules. In the selection nave the zinc plate has a polyurethane foam cover.

  •  In the perimeter zone the closing is mixed, and varies from one module to other. The first one has brick masonry; the second one is locked in a 70 % of its surface with bricks and covered with concrete in its interior as long as in its exterior. The rest of the modules are closed with painted bricks on their exterior and covered with painted concrete on their interior. Production zones have tiles to a high of 2,2 meters.

  •  The carpentry of the windows has been made with iron and polymers instead of glass. The access doors are sliding and have a metallic structure with a corrugated plate.

It is composed by the following edification:

  • An industrial nave composed by five symmetric modules plus another one with a bigger surface where reception, selection, packaging, black olives oxidation and terminated products processes are developed.

  • A lot made of reinforced concrete where tanks for fermentation are located. It counts with sidewalks elevated over soil level to facilitate the circulation between the tanks.

  • Brine preparation tank, composed by 4 tanks, the first one at ground level and the rest over this level. The tower has a high of 17 m.

  • Two corrugated plate shelters that hold the heater, the water softener and the air compressors.

  • Process water evaporation raft, formed by an 11.000 m2 surface.

  • A salt deposit and an anti-overflow pool for a tank of fuel built in concrete.


The zone is composed in the following way:

An offices building, which has been kept in a good state, in this place is currently located all the administrative offices, the staff office and the bathrooms.

  • A place to park bicycle, an open structure, with a wood structure and a French tile roof.

  • A house for guards, which is in a good state of maintenance and conservation.

  • Parking.