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The firm has an olive plant located in Mendoza Province that was founded in the 50´. It had a sustained growth year after year. In this moment is one of the most important plants in what concerns to olive and picked production. The firm counst with a steady personnel of 150 workers and the instalations of the plant are 30.000 square meters. The plant is equiped with state of the art technology and technical personel highly qualified. In the 90´ the firm got the certification for the Quality Sistem B.P.M. and H.A.C.C.P. for their industrial processes.

Several firms of the country and abroad have trust in this firm, authorizing them to pack their own brand which certifies quality and confidence in the deliveries. The firm provides the main retail firms of the country as Wal Mart, Makro, Carrefour,  Disco, Jumbo, La Anonima and Diarco  and firm from abroad as Unilever, Wal Mart , Grupo Pao de Azucar, La Violetera (in Brazil), H.E.B. (Mexico), Soldo (Uruguay) and Decanter (Colombia).

The winery is located at 500 m of Provincial Route N° 60,  placed in the first viniculture zone of Mendoza. The street is planed to be paved and it is going to be the ring of a circunvalation that will join the East Access of Mendoza with Route N° 60, wich is an access to Chile, avoiding having to pass Mendoza center.

Property Descriptive Memory


Around 5000 square meters. It includes a warehouse bay, the divided structure made of thermal floor tile and concrete of around 1500 square meters. The structure and quality of the construction is remarkable.  All the construction has been made with bricks and concrete. The exterior side shows the bricks.


17.000 square meters (1.7 hectares) A smallholding with 100 olives (approximately 1 ha) with an excellent view to the mountain chain and/or a vineyard to exhibit to visitors. Winery and a house with gardens that counts with spray irrigation. It is located in the agrarian zone surrounded by vineyards and olives, placed in the first viticulture zone of Mendoza, known as the high zone of Mendoza River.


Guess house full with offices, gazebo and room for a showroom/tasting room. It includes a scale of 50 Tn and 15 m long.  It counts with a laboratory suitable for the winery´s necessities. An spacious place to park and space for trucks to maneuver. Space to storage machinery and other articles related with the harvest process.

Productive Capacity


Approximately 2,5 millions of liters in pools of concrete, covered with several capacities of epoxy. Most of them have entrances and stainless steel covers. Half of the capacity is in under soil wine cellars with constant temperatures in winter and in summer. Ideal to storage wine.


Equipped with stainless steel grinders. Two grinders with winery system for grapes in bulk and a last generation Italian grinder with a previous selection tape in order to harvest in boxes. Ideal to elaborate fine wines.

It also counts with a grape harvest cooling in order to low the grape temperature and a cooling system made with solid cooling plaques in 30 fermentation pools. Everything is controlled by a cooling system of 120.000 frigories.

The firm counts with a central warehouse and a selling office located in San Fernando, Buenos  Aires Province and distribution centers in Ituzaingo (Buenos Aires Province), Rosario (Santa Fe Province), and in Córdoba, Misiones and Salta Provinces.

The firm produces annually around 6.000 tons of olives and pickles and 1.500.000 liters of fine varietal wines and generic wines. The selling of these products is made for the internal market in a 70% and for the foreign market in a 30%.  


The firm offers a quality product, elaborated with the highest sanitary warranties and state of the art technology; it also has a continuos attention to tastes and needs of the clients making innovations with all kind of packages and products. The firm also counts with a distribution line that reaches all the countries that integrate the MERCOSUR community, South America, United States and Canada; and above all things, it counts with a garanty of more than 5 decades of satisfied customers.