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The property is located in the outskirts of Cnel. Dorrego Town, Buenos Aires Province, the access is a paved road at 1500 m of National Route Nº 3, at km. 592; a direct access to Ing. White Port (the most important port for the in and out of cereal in the country)  and the Bahía Blanca vCity is at 90 km at SO y and Buenos Aires City is at NE.

The industrial complex counts approximately with an age of 60 years. It has been developed in a fraction of 39.163,00 M² (an area of 4 HAS).  The place is surrounded by a regional paved street at South East, an unpaved street toward North and a third street  paved with concrete at South West. The property counts with all the services available in town, as pavement, public lights, electric power, tap water, natural gas, telephone, etc.

It counts with the following facilities:   
  • 44 cells built at sub-soil level with 1000 TN concrete. Each one.   

  • 47 traditional corrugated zinc sheets aereal silos of 260 TN. of capacity each one.  

  • Total storage capacity: 56.000 TN. Wheat base.     

  • Waterwheel covered to lift cereals coordinated to load railway coaches of 70 TN. Hour with scale.       

  • The plant counts with its own railway detour. This railway is connected with the main way out for cereals abroad, the port of loading in Ingeniero White is at 80 Km.

  • Automatic scales to weight trucks that can be electronically adapted in order to use an office for a weighbridgemen.               

  • Shelter made of concrete of 300 m2 Where the maintenance workshop works. Also suitable for keeping machinery.     

  • Shelter made of corrugated zinc sheets of 300 m2 In order to storage machinery     

  • In the silos zone there is a building for toilets and locker rooms for the load/unload personnel.     

  • 150 m2 building designed for large offices and laboratories.

  • House for the house sitter of 80 m2.