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The property is a winery which is functioning, located in Chimbas Department, San Juan Province. The property is located over a paved street in a comercial zone, with good access and at 2 km of National Route 40.

Installation Capacity

The winery is functioning and has all the necessary tools for an industrial development. It is also remarkable that the place could be used for events, parties, weddings and birthdays, because the space, infrastructure and location are privileged and they allow it.


Total area of land: 5000 m2,  Maneuver Place with 2 independent accesses and a functioning scale.


  • Laboratory in excellent use and functioning conditions

  • Shelter for multiple uses. Offices, Meeting room and reception place.

  • Toilets.

  • Green place.

  • Swimming Pool.


  • Tank

  • Press

  • Drilling in order to extract water with an installed electro-bomb.