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The property lies on Cerro Negro,  located in Santa Rosa Locality, Tinogasta Department, Catamarca Province, at the North sector of Tinogasta City (12.000 inhabitants),  at 8 km of the city principal park at 1300 MAMSL.

The field is located over National Route N° 60, Km 1.333, which is totally paved. The routeruns the property from North to South. It has a front of 3 Km  over the route side. In the West Area there are 805 has, where an olive project is taking place in 130 Has, and in the East Area, which is 122 Has,  110 Has has been reserved in order to develop a vineyard, quinoa or caper project, also suitable for this soil, weather and zone.

The establishment is close to the gateway of the mountain chain in San Francisco,  which communicates with Chile and allow access to the Pacific Ocean.

The zone located in the High Valley of  Abaucan River is among the zones considered suitable in order to develop an olive-growing or vineyard project. This is because certain agri-ecological conditions are fulfilled (cold and well defined winters also summers with nights dry and fresh), appropriate for a good development of plantations and to get a good development in the plantations and to obtain high quality olive oil, exceptional wines and grape juices with high sugar values.

The zone three main features are:

  • The range of temperature goes over 20°C (68° F) in summer and 18°C  (64° F) in winter.

  • Subsoil water accesses are many and with a good quality.

  • The population is close to satisfy the exploitation requirements regarding handwork and services.

Natural Resources

Soils are alluvial, deep and well drained. In the greatest part of the field is stony but it does not affect the development of the plantation due to the fact that a watering pressurized system is being used. It is a self-compensated tricked irrigation system. The texture is sandy with loose stones, slightly alkaline and generally well supplied of potassium. Natural vegetation is limited. The weather of the area is Arid Subtropical Template with an average temperature of 16° C (60° F), with fresh winters, well defined and dry springs and summers. Rains concentrate in 3 or 4 occasions during summer period (November to March). The annual average regime is 140 mm. The risk of hail is very low in this area.

Hydrological Resources

This resource is about surface and belong to rivers with an estacional state or the Rivers Abaucan and La Aguadita which water levels are inconsistent. For this reason the project counts with two drills for subsoil water extraction, with bombs of 200HP, with an extraction of 270 m3 per hour each one. Their existence in quantity and quality is fully warranted.

Civil Work

A shed has been built for machinery and supplies. It also has a living and service area, a platform and boxes for the boards of the bombs. Watering is performed with a double hose by a self-compensated trickle.


It has an internal electrification with a 2 Km line of medium-tension with 33Kw, with two transformer sub stations of 400 Kva in each drilling.

They are integrated with two tractors with a front loader anex and minor tools.

Productive Structure

They are integrated with two tractors with a front loader anex and minor tools.

They also have a garden center of 500 m2 for the development of seedlings.

Olive Plantation

The olive groove has the super-intensive type. Its total mechanization has been driven in order to produce olives to make olive oil, using varieties that obey with features specially demanded for international markets. Also, due to the favorable zone ecological features, an organic plantation can be made, with warranties the collocation of the oil in the best markets with at a better price.


The plantation has several varieties: ARBEQUINA, CORATINA and ARBOZANA.