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The firm exploits a quarry in a soil of its own property. This quarry has a total surface of 180 Ha. (with reserves cubicated), making it one of the biggest quarries in the zone.}


  • Registered as Mining Producer in the Mining Direction of Río Negro Province.


  1. Environmental Affidavit approved by Environmental Direction of Río Negro Province.

  2. It counts with the authorization to make a quarry remediation by water.

  3. Authorization of Water Provincial Department of Río Negro to perform extraction of material below the level of phreatic aquifer.

  • The deposit is located in the jurisdiction of Barda del Medio, Municipality of Contralmirante Cordero, Rio Negro Province.

  • Access: Heavy transit at 4 km of the route which can be reached by a gravel road in good stale.

  • Services:

    • Electricity provision at medium-voltage at the access of the quarry. It means that a price for energy for 50% of the value in low-voltage. The available power is 1800 KW. To see it in perspective, currently the equipment for classification and the equipment for crusher consumes 100 KW.

    • Water: Abundant provision of water suitable for concrete coming from the phreatic aquifer.

  • Distance from the main consume centers:

    • At less than 100 km by a paved route to Anelo (Vaca Muerta)

    • Distant from 40 to 80 km of other deposits from the zone outside Vaca Muerta.

    • At 35 km by a paved route of the city of Neuquén


Geoelectric studies have been done in order to estimate the size of the reserves, which were corroborated by means of trench work performed by a mechanical digger. A report regarding the size of reserves made from a study on 150 Hectares .


Materials gross are processed in a plant of washing and sorting. Materials are classified according to its size taking into account uses in the market.



  • Materials are salt free.

  • They do not present organic material because they have been washed.

  • Sand as long as gravel are in the granulometric curve for concrete.

  • Materials have passed every analysis in the labs of our clients.

Environmental Management Water remediation


Environmental planning are performed with the planning of the deposit exploitation.

Remediation planning of the plant is made through the filling of digs with water for fishing breeding. This plan is performed with assessment of a team of the CONICET.

The business proposal is the sale of products of stone grinding,  river stone, sand and other arid products This business opportunity is because in its location (electrical energy services, good quality water and availability of the site), it can be an excellent option for the localization of a stockpile plant or industrialization of materials.