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Plant Location

The plant is located over Provincial Route 418 that connects Pismanta Thermal Complex with Tudcum Locality, at 5 km of the access to Valadero and Pascua Lama Mines and at 4 Km of Provincial Route 150, known as Bioceanic Corridor and connects Porto Alegre Port, in Brazil with Coquimbo Port, in Chile, passing through the central zone of Argentina.

The plant location allows it to count with the benefits of a Law that promotes the development of local mining providers. For that reason it has more reasons to be taken into account for the mining projects located in the region.

Line of water in bottles

The line which fractions water in bottles counts with a automatic  machine to wash,  fill and cover of 20 liters returnable water containers of the brand Alloati mod. AT 120.

Line Features


It counts with two parallel lines with the following stages:

  1. Manual filling of the water containers

  2. Inner and outside washing

  3. Dripping

  4. Inner and outside rinse

  5. Inner rinse with the water of the filling

  6. Automatic discharge of the containers

Pumps features:

                Inner and outside washing        Ebara PRA 150 T

                Inner and outside rinse              Ebara PRA 080 T



                NMRV 030 for outside washing.

                NMRV 030 for the conveyor belt.

The equipment has mobile gates with a neumatic accion for reception and isolation of container from the exterior and 2 removable transparent windows to control de process. The warming of the water for washing is performed by an external water heater with a 20 liters capacity. All the equipment is built in stainless steel AISI 304, in order to obtain a better asepsia and a higher cleaning level.

Filler and Covers installer:

The machine has a pick for filling and a piston for covers that are working properly. It has a filling pump of the brand Lowara CEA 70/3/A-V, moto-reductors NMRV 030 and a cover belt that automatizes the system. The entire equipment is built in stainless steel  AISI 304.

This line has the capacity for 120 water containers/hour, or 30.000 water containers monthly, what widely allows to supply all mining projects of San Juan Province.

Water containers line project

The incorporation of a line to fraction the water in bottles is being considered. It would count of:

  • A PET containers blower machine of the brand PetCorp with a cavity with the charge for automatic pre-forms, a liquid crystal control panel and the capacity to produce 1000 bottles/hour.

  • A filling line/covers installer of the brand PetCorp with 4 entrances with capacity for  800 bottles/hour.

  • A labeling machine

  • A heat shrinking palletizer.

  • A conveyor belt.

  • Power supply

  • Auxiliary pumps

  • Several pipes

Investments realized

Beside the equipment used directly to fraction mineral water, the plant has a series of pieces of equipment and the facilities to make them function which are descripted above: 

  • Electric Rotor Pump S2508

  • Stainless steel tank of 10.000 liters

  • Filtering system with 0,2 microns cartridges

  • Ozonizers

  • Service Lift

  • Shelter of 24 m long , 12 m wide and 5 m tall.

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Bottle blower

  • PET bottles mold

  • 40 bar Compressor

  • Booster 15 Hp

  • Chiller EF15

Risk factors and measures to neutralize them

Aquifer contamination

The contamination in the aquifer where mineral waters are extracted can be for: The presence of deposits with heavy metals long the water accumulation in its grown waters, to seismic movements which alters the soil structure or to the proximity of people settlements that not count with sewage services.

In case of this plant, the risk factors do not exist, because the water well is in a rural zone, far away from urban centers and where the structure of the soil has no potential risks of contamination. Also, the plant counts with a filtering system and a ozonizer equipment that ensures the product innocuousness. The implementation of periodic micro-biological and bacterio-logical programs, in which a graduated in bromatology is in charge, complete the combination of control measures planned.

Freight charge cost increment

Taking into account that mineral water has a very low value per product, the costs that determines the price are: containers, distribution and freight.

In case of this plant, it has been planed to add an own  blower in order to manufacture the 500 cc bottles, which will make cheaper the cost of those containers. Regarding containers, they can be re-used. So, the fact that the plant is near the main mining projects impacts drastically reducing the cost of freights in the province, in comparison with the competence because they are at more than 170 Km away, from the mountain road.