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Street 11 with no number – Access to Lima –  Zárate Judicial District– Buenos Aires. At  800 mt of Route 9 in Lima Access. At 13 km of the waterway and at 800m of Route 9.


It has been developed on a land with a 32.400 m2 surface, duly  fenced in with Olympic perimeter wire. It has two gates for trucks to enter and exit and a gate for personnel access. Next to the entering gate is located a vigilance post and  a card index box for the personnel.

Access and internal roads have been built on reinforced concrete to warrant the appropriate circulation of trucks and heavy equipment.

A sector has been selected as parking lot for private vehicles and for official vehicles that participate in the exportation processes.

The property as well as the sectors specially destined to good process and dispatch are monitored by a group of cameras that operates “on line” with access from the place and remotely by Internet.


On parallel there is a system that records and collects the images as it is indicated by custom rules that regulates exportation in reliable operators regime.

The total of covered surface is 5.405,55 m2, mainly destined to processing lines, sheds to gather bulk & finished products, administrative offices, laboratory, dinning room and dressing room for personnel.

The sheds have been built with brick masonry walls  and galvanized sheet plate over an parabolic structure type with eolian ventilation and re circulation systems. In all cases, the floors have been made with reinforced concrete.

The sector destined to offices were built with brick masonry walls, galvanized  sheet plates with roofs suspended with lime, ceramic floors and sheet openings.


The areas destined to be inspected by functionaries of  SENASA & Customs are placed in the sheds destined to storage and load with finished product.

At the disposition of the functionaries with inspection tasks there is an auto-elevator equipment with security cages, 4 transference belts for bags movement and there is personal who knows how to operate it.

There are also offices and toilettes for functionaries, duly signaled and equipped according current rules.

An special sector has been destined for the inspectors to park.


The unloading of trucks with raw material from the field is performed through hydraulic dump trucks over reception rack.

Plant # 1
  • 3 Silo with capacity for 1.750 T each, with extraction by thread and auxiliary extraction by gravity with aerators.

  • 1 Waterwheel with a capacity of 80 T/ Hour and 2 Waterwheels with a capacity of 60 T/Hour.

  • 1 Pre-Cleaning Machine Cimbria brand with a capacity for 20 T/Hour.

  • 1 Shawl Altol brand with 6 boxes for 60 T/ Hour.

Plant # 2
  • 4 Silo with a capacity of 200 T each with extraction by thread and aerators.

  • 1 Waterwheel with a capacity of 40 T/ Hour.

  • 1 Redler wit a capacity of 30 T/ Hour to interconnect with the Plant N#3

Plant # 3
  • 4 silo with a capacity of 390 T with an extraction system by redlers, with plane floors with multi-perforations, equipped with an aerator system with gas heaters GSI .

  • 4 silo with a capacity of 390 T with extraction by thread, with aerators.

  • 1 Silo with a capacity of 800 T with aerator.

  • 1 Silo with a capacity of 90 T with aerator.

  • 1 Waterwheel with a capacity of 80 T/Hour.

  • 1 Waterwheel with a capacity of 60 T/Hour.

  •  Scale for trucks with a capacity of 80.000 kg, with electronic head and connection to computer.

  • Thermometry equipment Tesma brand,  connected to a PC.

  • 2 Humidity-meters for cereal Tesma brand

  • 2 Machines to control the expansion of Pisingallo corn,  Cretors brand

  • 1 Frying machine to control damage caused  by heat in the sweet jar for sunflower.

  • Scales and strainers for laboratory, grain sampler probes and equipment for Yodo test.

  • 3 computers connected in a net equipped with a program to manage cereal stock. Connection to Internet & email.

  • 1 Tractor John Deere 3420

  • 5 transportable hopper

  • 1 grain pneumatic aspirator, M&S brand.

  • 2 hydraulic flatbed trailers to transport pallets.

  • 3 transportable helical mixer.

  • 1 transporting belt to transport grain to bulk container.