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The mining property is composed by two areas, one of them has 590 hectares and the other has 1.230 hectares which are the total of the Mining Property, which is located in Laguna de Mucar setting, in Susques Department, Jujuy Province, in the Northwest part of the tectonic depression in which the salar de Olaroz is placed, in the Puna Jujeña. The average altitude over sea level is approximately 3.900 meters.


In order to access to the Mining Property, the road starts in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy using National Route N°9 (S.S. Jujuy-La Quiaca). After doing 65 km paralel to Grande River in Jujuy, Volcán , Tumbaya has to be crossed and later Purmamarca has to be crossed. From this last one, it goes on West through Provincial Route N° 16 which goes long as Purmamarca River in a paved road to reach the maximum level in Abra de Lipán.

After that, in Puna Norte enviroment, route N° 16, intercepts National Route N° 40 (San Antonio de Los Cobres - Abra Pampa) and continues North to Salinas Grandes and South to Guayatayoc Lagoon.  Then, it has to go up the Angosto (narrow) in Las Burras River, to arrive to Susques Locality, department head, at 194 km of S.S. de Jujuy City.

From Susques, there is an strategic alternative to access; it goes following the paved road towards Paso de Jama up to the interception, passing Aña Lagoon, a mining trace which from West connect us with Mucar Lagoon, then the Borate Mines of Cilón and Benito has to be passed.

Basis on the Prospect selection

The special conditions that salt lakes and salt evaporation ponds in the Argentine Puna environment, regarding its extension, weather and evolution suggests favorable expectations in order to recover poli-metallic brines, in some cases for its high content in Li (Lithium), B (Boron), K (Potassium) y Mg (Magnesium), among others and in relation with water sea.

The exposed areas (crusts, coarse salt lakes, flat and polygonal, and earthy and mixed, etc.) suffer permanent for the contribution of leached products in aqueous solution from Ignimbrite nature fresh and altered  rocks. In the particular case of Mucar Lagoon it would participate as the main source of supply.