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  • The property of the limestone quarry has 150

  • It is located in Sarmiento Department, Los Berros Locality, San Juan Province.

  • Access: Over Route 319

  • Total Area: 169 hectares. Comprised by a Limestone Quarry of 150 ha and a quarry of 19 ha.

  • Resources: 11.000.000 – 4.200.000 m3

  • Purity: Limestone at a 98 % 

  • Type of property: Concession - Quarry 

  • Commodities: Limestone

  • Drilling with owned water, registered and authorized by San Juan Province Hydraulic Direction.

  • Industrial gas and electric power at the door.

  • Green Area of 4 hectares for forestation.

  • House of 100 m2 (1076 square feet) and a shed of 400 m2 (4305 square feet).

  • It counts with three vertical limekilns with mix bad with an altitude of 13 m and a diameter of 2.8 m. Its daily production capacity are 25 daily tons.

  • Under a closed platform of 1500 m2 that holds:

    • A plant of trituration and classification of calcium oxide.

    • A plant for mining and classification of calcium oxide.

    • Two lines to hydrate with their correspondent classification, silos for the warehouse of material and a semi-automatic bagging system.

  • It counts with 800 m2 (8611 square feet) and is integrated by:

    • Office, laboratory, storehouse, maintenance workshop.

    • Wardrobe with toilettes.

    • Several houses and departments.

    • Access cabin and crossing gate.

    • Scale.

    • Stockyard for residual carbon from oil (authorized).

    • Reservoir for water to hydrate of 250 m3 , with its own resources  from the slope intake authorized by San Juan Province Hydraulic Direction.

    • Forestation

    • Industrial gas and electric power at the door.

  • It counts with:

    • Six vertical limekilns with a mix bed with an altitude of 15 m and a diameter of 3 m and a 35 tons production capacity.

    • Two plants of trituration and classification of calcium oxide.

    • A shed of 20 m x 20 m for storage of refractories, with a low platform of 400 m2 (4305 square feet).

    • Maintenance workshop with a shed of 300 m2 (3229 square feet).

    • Offices

    • Scale.

    • Two apartments for the persons in charge. Each one of them measures 100 m2 (1076 square feet).

    • Six apartments for the personnel. Each one of them measures 50 m2 (538 square feet).

    • Industrial gas and electric power at the door.

    • Parking space for loading trucks with 5 ha with apartment and forestation.

  • Addressed in Rawson Department, San Juan City, at 70 km of the industrial facility.

  • Offices in 400 m2 in two plants.

  • Metallurgical workshop with an apartment, with a total space of 300 m2

  • Covered warehouse of 600 m2

  • Monthly sales for approximatelly $8.000.000 between calcium oxide and hydrated.

  • The personnel totalizes 95 members between administration, plant and drivers.

  • Machinery: Chargers and forklifts, several vehicles heavy and light.

  • Three registered brands in Argentina and Chile. With an important name at national and international levels.