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The goal of this firm is extraction and commercialization of strategic non-metallic minerals which are in pegmatite deposits.

The minerals exploited are Quarz-Feldspar-Mica, Beryl and Tantalum.

The firm counts with the Mining Quality Control that gives SGS Internacional for exportations.

Minerals Exploited

Metallurgical Quartz: It is used as silicon in the ferro-silicon making.  Quartz is also used in glass making, ceramic and chemical derivatives. It is employed to obtain soluble silicates, xerogels and hydrogels as binding element and sliding agent.

Feldspar: Potassium feldspar as long as Sodium Feldspar are widely exploited. Its main applications are in glass industry and ceramic at world -wide scale. 

Mica: It is used in industry for its resistance to heat and its properties as electrical and thermal insulating.

Beryl: It is the strategic mineral that is the main source to obtain Beryllium. It is an Aluminum and Beryllium silicate. Metallic Beryllium is used in Beryllium-Copper alloy and in the development of moderator and reflective materials for nuclear reactors. The addition of a 2 % of Beryllium to Copper forms a non-magnetic alloy which is six times stronger than Copper. It is also used in the mobile parts of planes, as well as in key components of precision elements. It also has uses in armament, automobiles and spaceships.

Tantalum: It is used in capacitors for cell phone batteries, net books, etc.

Beryl in San Luis

Sierra de San Luis counts with an extended pegmatite field in where there are zones with a single mineralization and other zones with a complex mineralization. From this last ones and accessory to the exploitation of Quartz and Feldspar, Beryl and Lithium minerals as spodumene, amblygonite and columbite-tantalite have seen some kind of benefit.

San Luis has been a national producer of Beryl from 1935 to 1986, providing the 43% of the national production. It is important to take into account that Argentina has the 4° world place regarding the reserves of this mineral. .
San Luis has also been the first Argentinean producer of Lithium with the district of Santa Rosa .

Beryl Deposits in San Luis


There are two mining deposits located in the Departments of San Martin and Villa Praga, in San Luis Province.


About the deposits

Both deposits are in a exploitation-commercialization state. The minerals that are commercialized are rare minerals, mainly Beryl and others like Tantalum and Rare Earth. They are mainly exported to the Chinese market. Quartz and Potassium Feldspar are also commercialized but in the local market.

The deposits are strip mining quarries, there is not contamination in the exploitation process. The mineral is in gross, it has no treatment at all. It counts with the environmental impact report and the one of "provincial politic security“. 

Tax Benefits

It is oriented to the exploitation of strategic minerals in pegmatite which has a great profitability for its single value (Beryl-Tantalum-Rare Earths- Spodumene) and its accessories (Quartz and Feldspar) which cover the exploitation expenses.

The firm has the following benefits and inscriptions:


  • Inscription in the Law of Mining Investments with tax benefits and stability for 30 years.

  • San Luis Province backs up Mining in all its aspects, with no complications.

  • The current administration removed witholdings to exports.

  • The firm has an exclusive contract in Argentina for 5 years to provide the mineral Beryl.

  • The Mayor of Villa Praga, ceded 5 hectares in order to install a mineral mill, close to the deposits, with municipal benefits, water supply and electric power. All over a country road with has currently been graveled and will soon be paved.

  • The firm only made exports,( to Germany, United States and China). 

  • The firm has mining deposits in the North of the province, Departments of San Martin and Villa Praga, (strategically located, close to paved and consolidated roads).