ProJect 057

San Juan

Lime production firm. It provides Argentinean a Chilean market. It is located at 70 km of San Juan city.

ProJect 110

Gonzalez Chavez


Project to install a Photovoltaic Plant in 700 hectares in Buenos Aires Province.

ProJect 101

San Juan

Mineral water bottling Plant that provides mining projects. It is located in Iglesias Department, San Juan city.

ProJect 121


IIncredible opportunity for a tourist development.


A property of 4290 has near Potrero de Yala, an important natural reserve. 

ProJect 104

Rio Negro

Fracking producing firm in activity, located at 100 km of "Vaca Muerta" deposit.

FOTITO 1.jpg

ProJect 127

San Juan

Important Industrial Unit for rent. It is 12.270 m, ideal for a Foreign Trade firm due to its proximity to the Fiscal Deposit of the province; it is located in Pocitos Department,  San Juan Province. 


ProJect 131

San Juan


Bodega located in Rawson; with a wine factory fully equipped and a productive capacity of 4.900.000 litres.


ProJect 134

San Juan

Winery located in Santa Lucía Locality, San Juan Province. It counts with installations for 1930 m and a capacity for 4.200.000 litres.

FOTO 5.jpg

ProJect 142

Santa Fe

Plant for the fabrication of harvest protection products, pharmaceutical and chemicals, industrial deposit to store agro-chemicals and bags of seeds. 

FOTO 1.jpg

ProJect 148

Buenos Aires

In ice creams fabrication since 1984. It has an industrial plant of 3600 m2 divided in deposits, production sector, freezing and palletizing. It has an installed power of 1200 HP.  It has 2 back up generators of 320 KVA that works with natural gas, in order to auto-generate energy. 

FOTO 2.jpg

ProJect 156

Santa Fe

Meat procesing plant for butchering pigs in Santa Fe Province, near to Alcorta Locality. The building is almost new, in a land of 1122 m2, with a 15 m front over the route and 770 m2.

However it was made for pigs, it counts with NACIONAL authorization by  SENASA, in order to operate with bobines or both at the same time.


ProJect 159

Zona Norte - Buenos Aires

Firm dedicated to predictive maintenance focused in diagnostic of industrial machines played by the analysis  of vibrations. It is located in the North of Buenos Aires Province.


ProJect 090


Thee 10 ha land is located in Añelo Industrial Park, Neuquén Province. It has an Industrial Unit with

1.420 m2.


ProJect 111


Shopping in Villa Carlos Paz, with 22 shops and 3 gondolas on sale. The surface on sale is 3.534 m2. There is a three floors shopping, with a theatre, two sub soil with room for cars and elevator..

ProJect 119


Important Olive Growing Plant placed in Mendoza Province.

The plant has more than 4.000 covered meters.


ProJect 122

Entre Ríos

Poultry Farm in Uruguay Department, Entre Ríos Province , in a field of 5 has with 5800 meters covered.

CALERA 1.jpg

ProJect 125


Important plant of hydrated lime in Cordoba Province.


It counts with an extension of 21 hectares. 

foto secretos del monte cambiada 2.jpg

ProJect 128



Meat processing plant in San Rafael, Mendoza Province. It counts with a covered surface of 630 m and a land of  2500 m.

alto avellaneda 1.jpg

ProJect 132

Entre Ríos

Strategically located over National Route 18 at few minutes of Parana City, in the zone Regional Center and with exits to all routes of Mercosur.


ProJect 140

Buenos Aires

Plastic Factory in Chacarita, with a covered surface of 680 m2 in a 315 m2 land. It has a great amount of injector machines, among them, state of the arts Chine machines.


ProJect 143


Special business: External Doctor´s Office being built in Jujuy Province. Located in Downtown zone. It is a 5 floors building.

foto lote 2.jpg

ProJect 209

Buenos Aires


Important sand  plant in Escobar. It has  5 lands located in Paraná River Coasts.

FOTO 1.jpg

ProJect 157

Rio Negro

Meat processing plant located General Roca City, in Rio Negro Province.

Tradicional built with thermal isolation, with an isolated concrete structure, brick masonry and parabolic roofs galvanized sheets and floors of polished concrete.


ProJect 160

Buenos Aires

Manor Hotel in Open Door, it has 75 rooms. It is near Buenos Aires City. It counts with beautiful landscape and a big confort. It counts with several restaurants, swimming pools, gym and an excellent park. It has an important Spa. It is ideal for a field day and a variety of events, including weddings, because the hotel has its own Chapel. 

ProJect 124


Pet Food plant located in Gral. Deheza, Córdoba Province with a land of 14.000 m and more than 3.000 m covered. It counts with an extruder machine, national origin which is the main part of the plant equipment.

ProJect 112


Located in Resistencia, a property of 21 ha, over National Route 11. It counts with three reception and drying plants independent. It allows to receive simultaneously three materials.

ProJect 120


Important cooling processing plant to storage fruits, milk and meat. It counts with big cooling plants that are prepared to be expanded and a wide variety of machinery for fruit processing.


ProJect 123


Important field of 7.000 ha with olive groves. More than 500 ha are cultivated. There are also planted citrus and almonds.

ProJect 126


Agribusiness complex with cattle in Capayán Department, Catamarca Province, with 6.319 hectares. In the entire place, there are 619 ha with olive plantation,36 ha of fig plantation and the rest of the area is dedicated to cattle.

1 PLANTA.jpg

ProJect 130

Buenos Aires


Winery in Santa Lucía Locality, San Juan Province. It counts with 1930 m of installations and a total capacity of 4.200 litres.


ProJect 133


Meat Processing Plant in Tunuyán,  Mendoza. 
Total surface 33 Has (installations has 7 has). Covered surface 11.303.31 m2. It also has a pear plantation of 24 Has.​

FOTO 18.jpeg

ProJect 141

Buenos Aires

Coffee distributor and packer located in San Martin​. It has a surface of approximately 700 m2 covered.
Its products were awarded with several prices with an international order.


ProJect 146

Buenos Aires

Tannery in Bolivar Industrial Park. Its  principal installations are 16 x 80 m. It has 9 heaps for effluents. It can process 1500 pieces of leather per day.   

FOTO 1.jpg

ProJect 154


El establishment is located in a big urbanistic development zone. The surface of the land that includes the factory is 27.000 m2, and its covered surface is 6.000 m2.


ProJect 158




Property of 300.000 m2 over Route 7 which is paved, approximately at 6 km before reaching Añelo, going from Neuquén City.