As pioneers in discovering new markets; we have the vision to show the world our country’s production capacity.


Argentine is gaining influence again in International Trade; therefore, we work to add value to the Mining Sector, Agro Industries and Port.


The Foreign Trade Division expands the boundaries of traditional real estate management.



We promote regional economies. The Foreign Trade Division is a pro-active business unit able to generate the encounter of business opportunities between local and international investors that looks for projects to make an association or to buy firms that are working.

One of the foundations of our firm is communication; it is addressed to national and international firms, an important difference with our competitors. We publish notes in diaries and magazines with the highest circulation in the country, we promote the regional economies in congress, events, foreign commercial cameras, in business meetings and in television media.

We promote the growing of the provinces in the most important sectors for an economical opening.

Its excellent economical conditions make Argentina a very attractive destination for investments in this field. Our country is rich in minerals and has metalliferous deposits of gold, silver, copper and uranium, among others. We also find energetic minerals that are natural gas and crude petroleum in Vaca Muerta zone, Neuquén Province.

We have deposits and reserves with a great potential in Lithium and other minerals in different salares of NOA, among the most important are the Salar del Hombre Muerto, Salinas Grandes, Arizaro, Jama, Tres Quebradas, etc.

In the Cuyo region, we have important vineyards and wineries with an international recognition for its quality, among the five better vineyards in the world.

We also promote the agri-business regions. Argentina is one of the countries with the highest extention and type of climates in the world; it makes posible that in our country exists a great variety of regions (Pampeana - NOA - NEA - Cuyo and Patagonia)

The sectors with more research in this kind of economical activities are:

  • Agri-business Sector: Because it represents the 40 % of the Argentine exportations and it gives work to more than 600.000 people in all the country.

  • Fields with Agri-business capacity.

  • Mill Establishments.

  • Plants for storage of Cereal, Legume, oleaginous.

  • Meat Processing Plants.

  • Wineries to storage fruits and vegetables.

  • Plants to elaborate a balanced diet.

  • Logistical centers and Port Platforms in the Waterway, destined for exportations.


Since year 2017, known as the year of Renewable Energies the division Foreign Trade also participated as Sponsor in several international Lithium seminaries in South-America and in PDAC, event of mining explorations with world character that is celebrated in Toronto City, Canada.

We work with professionalism and commitment with a team of appropriate specialists in several ambits.

Our team is composed by a Consulting Committee, Geologists, Lawyers, Specialists in Market Studies, Public Appraisals, Translators and an Agronomic Engineer; they work aligned with the Regional Cameras and witch each sector, dynamically actualizing information in order to provide an assessment with an added high value.

Beside investments abroad, the MERCOSUR is composed by countries where the investor is respected.




Because it is a country that attracts very attractive investments in all the region. It has a "macro-stable economy" it has the lowest "tributary charge” in all the region. It has a strong "incentive for foreign investments".


  • A fee of 0 % for importation of capital, assets, machinery and equipments.

  • A fee of 0 % over VAT.

  • A fee of 0 % over foreign remittances.


Among the more stand out investment are the agribusiness – real state activities, with a high profitability.



According to the World Bank, it has one of the best clime for business in the region:

  • It is the 4º world exporter for soy.

  • It is the 10º world exporter for wheat

  • It is the 8º world exporter for bovine meat.



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