Project 100 

Buenos Aires

Grain Processing Plant in Zarate, Bs.As. Province. Located at 800 m of the Access to Route 9. Land of 32.400 m2 with reinforced  concrete roads. With a covered surface of 400 m2 . It has a Custom Office.


Project  108 

La Rioja

The Project has 3 field houses with vineyards and one which elaborates wine with a 332 ha surface ha. All of them located in Colonias de Tilimuqui, La Rioja


Project 116


Excellent view to the mountain range, ideal for turism. Winery and a house bordered by gardens, watered by a sprinkler system. In an agribusiness zone, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, in the First Winery Zone of Mendoza, known as the High Zone of Mendoza River.


Project 122

Entre Ríos

Located in Uruguay Department, Genasito District, Aldea Santa Anita Municipality. The 5 hectares are located over pavement. The 5800 m2 the buildings have are destined to the main activity. It also has a main residence and a residence for the person in charge.


Project 129


This field is located in Malargüe Department, Mendoza Province, Puertas de Barrancas District. It has 55.045 ha. Limits at West Chile Republic. 


Project 134

San Juan

Located in Santa Lucía, San Juan Province, with a surface of 1 HA. A building of  6.617 m, a front of 108 m, con 157 m over the route. It has a winery. Offices, Shed, and Parking maneuver and a total Capacity of 4.200.000 litres.


Project 139


The production of the olives is 600.000 kg. It counts with 2 water wells and its pumping equipment. It is placed near National Route N° 38, km 555, at Miraflores District. It has 351 ha., part of the field in uncultivated and the part where there is agribusiness is divided in 34 plantation frames.


Project 147

Buenos Aires

It is in a piece of land of 1.6 ha. IPosee 3 silos  de 1000 tn, Bascula de pesat has 2 water weels, offices in 350 m2.
It counts with municipal authorization to operate and enviromental impact study by  OPDS y from Senasa for the products it produces



Project 156

Santa Fe

Meat Processing Plant  for quarter pork in Santa Fe Province, close to Alcorta Locality. The building in the land is 1122 m2, with a front of 15 m over the Route and a total of 770 m2 built  to new.It was conceived for porks, but it counts with NATIONAL authorization by SENASA, in order to operate with vobines or both at the same time.


Project 162


The field house "EL PASO”  is located in  Tafí del Valle, Tucuman Province, destined for agribusiness activity.

The inversor may choose to produce in the field a vineyard activity.​


Project 167

Santa Fe

Country House of 1951 HAS in San Martin Department, Santa Fe Province. It is located at 11 km of Route 34. It is a location dedicated to cattle activity. It has a Country House as principal house, a shed, electric installation and Internet. It has 20 corrals and 1500 animals.


Project 106 


Olive groves in Tinogasta, Catamarca Province, 930 Ha, on National Rute N° 60, 130 Ha of many types of olives. Production is for exportation (Spain and USA).


Project 114

San Juan

The property is a functioning winery located in Chimbas Department, San Juan Province. The land is 5.000 m2, and it ha its own loading plant with 2 independent entrances and a working scale.


Project 117


The firm is a traditional  winery which produces high quality traditional cider, ananá fizz, strawberry fizz and apple sparklings with a brand recognized in the internal market.


Project 123


The field has 7.074 hectares. It is located in Capayan Department, over the base of Ambato Hill. 600 hectares are cultivated



Project 131

San Juan

Property has been built in the 80´ with the best materials in the market. It has more than 30 years of experience with a familiar business. It os a winery located in Rawson; with a wine factory fully equipped and a productive capacity of 4.900.000 litres and a total surface of 28.558 m2


Project 135

Buenos Aires

Important Plant of Balanced Diet in the zone Center-Norwest of Buenos Aires Province. At 270 km of Buenos Aires City and at 200 km of Rosario City. It counts with an important fleet of trucks and distributes its products all over the country. 


Project 144

La Rioja

Olive grove located next to National Route 38 – Km 402, La Rioja, Capital. 
It has 623 ha, there are plants in 170 ha with olives and 90 ha are ready to plant.





Project 152

Santa Fe

A total land surface of 7 ha with a gathering capacity in bulk silo of 8.200 Tn. It has a surface covered by Warehouse Stowage of 6.300 mt2 and a surface covered by administration buildings and housing for 500 m2.

FOTO 1.jpg

Project 157

Río Negro

The olive plant is in a zone with a big urbanístic development. The land where the factory is  has 27.000 m2, and the covered surface is 6.000 m2.


Project 164

San Juan

Plant with 72 has, located in front of 2 paved streets, in Sarmiento Department, Media Agua Locality, San Juan Province. Ideal weather for this plantations. Surrounded by vineyards. It has its own electrical service.


Project 168


Shield of 528 has for cattle activity. It has a wire fence for the perimeter. It counts with reservoir for water and corrals.


Project 107 

San Juan

Olive groves in Las Lagunas District, San Juan Province. 850 ha with 81 ha of olives in production and 8 ha of alfalfa. It counts with machinery, constructions and equipment.


Project 115

Buenos Aires

The collection silos industrial complex is approximately 60 old, developed in a surface of 39.163,00 M² (4 HA)



Project  118

Santiago del Estero

Located next to Route 34, over pavement, Pinto Locality, Santiago del Estero Province. It has a 12.300 m2 surface.


Project 126


The total amount of the field is 6.319 ha. From them, 619 have a plantation of olives and 36 ha has a fig trees plantas and the rest is dedicated to stockbreeding


Project 133


Meat processing plant located in National Route N° 40, in Tunuyán City, Mendoza Province.

Its front an access to the route has a total surface of 33 Ha. Its covered surface is 11.300 m2 and includes deposits, cold sectors, offices, lunch room and others.


Project 137

Buenos Aires

Field of 18 ha in San Pedro, Buenos Aires Province.


Project  145


Olive grove located in Provincial Route 33 Km. 21 in Valle Viejo Departement, Los Puestos District, Catamarca Province.

It has 752 ha, 456 has are planted and  296 ha are ready to plant.

FOTO 1.jpg

Project 154


Meat Processing Plant  for quarter pork in Santa Fe Province, close to Alcorta Locality. The building in the land is 1122 m2, with a front of 15 m over the Route and a total of 770 m2 built  to new.It was conceived for porks, but it counts with NATIONAL authorization by SENASA, in order to operate with vobines or both at the same time.


Project 161

La Rioja

Field of 119 ha suitable for production in highland. It has been considered excellent for vineyards, olive groove and  stockbreeding.


Project 165

San Juan

Country House with vineyards in Chimbera Department, San Juan Province. With a surface of 242 has, it has three drillings for water, it counts with 1.300 m2 of sheds in 3 bodies. With 3 houses, one for personnel, one for the manager and one for weekends, it also has the necessary machinery for viniculture activities.